Welcome to SM Duct Cleaning

SM Duct Cleaning is specialized in providing complete duct cleaning solutions for ducts and exhausts. We provide advanced cleaning solutions for all types of ducts and exhausts regardless of their size, form and dimension.

Top 6 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaner Living Environment
Reduces Allergens and Irritants
Helps Everyone Breathe Easier
Sanitizes the air
Removes Unpleasant Smells and Odors from the Air
Improves Heat and Air Efficiency and Return on your Investment.

5 Signs You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned

You haven’t changed the air filter on time
The registers and vent covers have visible dust
You see mold in or around your HVAC system
Airflow isn’t consistent from room to room
You can hear noises in the ductwork.

Our Clients Testimonials

Really great service, very thorough cleaning of our ducts which, after a recent renovation, were in desperate need of cleaning! The crew arrived on time, the before/after pictures were really good to see and the whole process was quick and efficient.

Great service! The service tech was polite and efficient and I haven’t had to dust my house since they were here 2 weeks ago. Highly recommend them.

I feel fortunate to have done my research and come across to SM Duct Cleaning. They are professional and prompt in delivery of their services. From customer service perspective, I found them very patient and going extra mile so to speak.